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Nuetech Tubeless Tire System Gen 2 21 & 18, Red

Nuetech Tubeless Tire System Gen 2 21 & 18, Red

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This Enables An Incredible 100 Psi Of Rim Protection, Increased Tire Stability, And Eliminates Pinch Flats. This Allows You To Run Very Low Tire Pressure For Massive Gains In Traction And A Much Plusher Ride Br Massive Traction Gains Br Br Tubliss Allows You To Run A Much Lower Tire Pressure Creating A Much Larger Contacting Patch, This Equates To Instant Bolt On Performance You Can Feel And Take Advantage Of On The First Ride Br No Pinch Flats Br Br By Eliminating The Tube You Eliminate Pinch Flats Forever Br 2 Minute Tire Repairs Br Br Without The Tube You Can Now Plug Tires In Seconds Using Standard Tubelss Tire Plugs(No Need To Remove The Wheel), And In The Event Of Major Tire Damage, Tubliss Acts Like A Full Circumfrence Rim Lock Allowing Low Speed Run Flat Capability Br Super Durable Br Br When Properly Installed And Maintained They Can Out Last The Life Of Your Bike, Much More Economical Than Buying Countless Tubes Br Tires Last Longer Br Br More Traction Equals Less Spin And Wear, That Combined With Lower Operating Temperatures Can Substantially Increase The Life Of Your Tire. Majority Of Tire Will Perform Better, Longer, Due To Added Performance Of Running Lower Psi

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