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Clerance Corner Kara

Ap As 225/70r15 100t Tire

Ap As 225/70r15 100t Tire

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Utqg: 600aa, Speed Rating: T, Class: Sl, Phantom A/P Tire Our Exclusive Tire, The Phantom A/P Is An All-Season Tire For Trucks, Minivans And Suvs. If You Want Dependable All-Season Performance At A Great Value, This Is The Tire For You! Some Features Include: The Phantom A/P Is An All-Season Touring Tire For Your Minivan, Truck Or Suv. A Solid Center Rib Offers Straight Line Stability For High-Speed Handling. Meanwhile, Its Interlocking Sipes Offer Stable, Responsive Driving And Reliable All-Season Traction. For Optimal Performance, Traction And Tread Life, This Tire Comes With A Generous 12/32 Tread Depth. This Tire Is Available In 15–16wheel And Rim Diameters, Making It Ideal For A Wide Range Of Minivans, Pickups And Suvs. The Phantom A/P Has A Y Speed Rating, Meaning You Can Safely Operate Your Vehicle Up To 118mph, Allowing You Great Latitude In Driving Conditions, Whether Youre On The Highway Or On The Urban Streets. This Value Tire Offers Amazing All-Season Traction And Performance, Yielding A Strong Customer Fan Base Who Love To Leave Five Star Reviews. Want To Keep Your Tires Safe Against Road Hazards Add Our Exclusive And Industry-Leading Certificates In Your Cart!

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