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Clerance Corner Kara

Tp99 R/T 35x13.50r26 F (12 Ply) Rugged Terrain Tire

Tp99 R/T 35x13.50r26 F (12 Ply) Rugged Terrain Tire

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Treadlife: N/A Season: All Season Performance: Rugged Terrain Car Type: Light Truck Load Range F, 12-Ply Rated, 12-Pr Rim Size: 26.0 Inches Tire Diameter: 35 Inches Load Capacity: 3748.00 Pounds Section Width: 13.50 Millimeters Load Index: 126.0 Speed Rating: Q Miletrip Tp99 R/Tthe Miletrip Tp99 R/T Is A Rugged Terrain, All Season Tire Manufactured For Light Trucks. The Tire Promotes Great All Weather Traction. The Aggressive Footprint Boosts The Soft, Loose And Uneven Terrain Traction, While Keeping The Footprint Clean At All Times. The Maintained Surface Contact Upgrades The Steering Responsiveness And The Driving Stability, Optimizing The Forward Motion. The Stronger Internal Structure Keeps The Ideal Tire Shape To Upgrade The Load Durability. The Self-Cleaning Nature Of The Tread Avoids Stone Retention. The Tp99 R/T Ensures Higher Comfort Levels By Lowering The Road Vibrations Felt By The Passengers. Features - Rugged Terrain Tire – The Large, Staggered Blocks And The High Void Ratio Optimize The Tires On-Road And Loose, Uneven And Soft Terrain Traction. - Durability – The Stronger Internal Structure Allows The Tire To Maintain The Ideal Tire Shape, Boosting The Overall Load Capacity And Load Handling Ability. - Handling – The Optimal Block Pattern Ensures The Surface Contact Which Boosts The Steering Responsiveness And The Driving Stability At All Times. - Self-Cleaning Tread – The High Void Ratio And Staggered Blocks Keep The Footprint Clean And Prevent Stone Retention To Offer A Secure Performance. - On-Road Comfort – Rugged Terrain Tires Are Known For The Vibration-Free On-Road Performance, As They Effectively Absorb The Driving Shock. - All Season Tire – The All Season Compound And The Angled Block Pattern Increase The Dry, Wet And Winter Weather Traction, Optimizing The Year Round Grip.

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