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Clerance Corner Kara

Tp55 A/T 235/85r16 E (10 Ply) All Terrain Tire

Tp55 A/T 235/85r16 E (10 Ply) All Terrain Tire

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Miletrip Tp55 A/T - The Miletrip Tp55 A/T Is An All Terrain, All Season Tire Manufactured For Suvs And Light Trucks. This Model Offers Excellent All Terrain Traction, Optimizing Soft, Loose, And Uneven Terrain Performance. It Also Keeps The Footprint Clean, Eliminating Mud, Snow, And Rocks. The Treads Flat Footprint Boosts Steering Responsiveness And Driving Stability. This Offers Better Controllability As It Maintains The Surface Contact Throughout The Performance. The Detailed Tread Blocks And All Season Compound Provide Dry, Wet, And Winter Traction. The Tp55 A/T Offers Better Hydroplaning Resistance During Its On-Road Drive.All Terrain Tire The Staggered Block Placement Improves Soft, Loose, And Uneven Terrain Traction, While Keeping The Footprint Clean At All Times.Handling The Flat Footprint Of The Aggressive Tread Design Maintains Surface Contact, Enhancing Steering Responsiveness And Driving Stability.All Season Tire The All Season Compound And Detailed Tread Design Enhance The Tires Dry, Wet, And Winter Traction And Prevent Hydroplaning.[! Weight:49!]

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