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Clerance Corner Kara

Lh-Ten 305/40r22 Lhst102240010 Tire

Lh-Ten 305/40r22 Lhst102240010 Tire

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The Lh-Ten Is A Performance Tire Specially Designed For Drivers Who Are Looking For Excellent Traction, Performance, And Comfort. Ideal For Suvs, Performance Pickups, And Crossovers, The Lh-Ten Features A Prominently Embossed Insignia On Its Sidewall Which Adds Overall Appeal To Your Vehicle. It Is Rated At M & S. The Internal Make Of The Lh-Ten Consists Of The Latest Tire Technology Engineered Using Modern Equipment Under The Highest Quality Control. You Can Drive With Ease Knowing That Your Tire Will Provide You With Safety, Comfort And A Reliable Riding Experience. The Excellent Steering Response, Improved Handling, And Extended Tread Life Are All Thanks To The Directional Tread Design Molded With Superior Tread Compound. The Lateral Grooves Evacuate Water Efficiently Too Increase Traction And Increase Hydroplaning Resistance. To Get The Most Out Of The Lh-Ten, It Is Recommended To Use It In Sets Of Four.

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