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Ls-57 R/T 35x12.50r17 E (10 Ply) Rugged Terrain Tire

Ls-57 R/T 35x12.50r17 E (10 Ply) Rugged Terrain Tire

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Lancaster Ls-57 R/Tfeatures And Benefits Rugged Terrain Performance; All Weather Traction; Enhanced Controllability; Upgraded Comfort Levels; Overviewthe Lancaster Ls-57 R/T Is A Rugged Terrain, All Season Tire Manufactured For Light Trucks. The Tire Increases The On- And Off-Road Terrain Gripping Ability. The Tread Patterns Aggressive Block Placement, Open Shoulder Placement And High Void Ratio Increase The Soft, Loose And Uneven Terrain Traction. The Tread Pattern Ensures The Tires Constant Forward Motion Throughout The Tires Performance, Preventing Them From Getting Stuck In Deep Mud Or On Loose Dirt. The Aggressive Tread Pattern Utilizes Sideway Biting Edges To Significantly Improve The Off-Road Terrain Driving Safety Levels. This Tread Design Also Keeps The Footprint Clean. The Tread Elements And The Open Shoulder Design Eliminate Mud And Snow From The Models Footprint, Further Improving The Surface Grip By Maintaining The Surface Grip. The Treads Stone Ejecting Ribs Also Avoid Stone Retention By Preventing Rocks From Drilling Into The Casing And Harming The Tire. The Tread Design And The Durable Compound Also Upgrade The Year Round Driving Experience. The All Season Compound Maintains The Rubber Flexibility In Various Temperatures, While The Tread Design Increases The Grip On The Road Surface In Dry, Wet And Winter Weather Conditions. The High Void Ratio Also Helps Prevent Hydroplaning. They Channel Water And Slush From Below The Footprint, Optimizing The Tires Surface Contact And Further Boosting The Wet Weather Driving Safety Levels. The Model Boosts The Controllability And The Durable Construction To Enhance The Performance. The Aggressive Tread Design Maintains The Road And Terrain Surface Contact Throughout The Drive, Which Upgrades The Steering Responsiveness And The Driving Stability. The Steering Becomes Faster And More Precise, While The Structure Is Stabilized Against The Driving Pressure. The Strengthened Internal Construction Maintains The Ideal Tire Shape Under The Load And Driving Pressure. This Prevents The Tire From Deforming Under Heavy Loads, Which Greatly Upgrades The Load Carrying And Withstanding Capability. The Tire Greatly Enhances The Overall Load Capacity And The Heavy Load Driving Safety. The Ls-57 R/T Enhances The Comfort Levels As Well. The Tread Design Enables The Tire To Closely Follow The Road Surface During The Drive. In This Manner, While The Tires Are Driven On-Road, The Model Is Able To Absorb The Shock Of Driving Pressure. Lowering The Road Vibrations Felt In

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