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Clerance Corner Kara

Ecsta 4x Ii (Ku22) 225/55zr16

Ecsta 4x Ii (Ku22) 225/55zr16

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Kumho - Ecsta 4xii Ku22 - 225/55zr16 95w Unmatched Handling On Wet And Dry Roads Comes From An Exceptionally Stiff Tread Block That Holds Its Shape Around Tight Curves And Corners. Smooth, Quiet Comfort Is Greatly Enhanced By A Unique Noise Canceling Tread That Reduces Road Harmonics And Vibration. Excellent Cold Traction Results From A Unique Rubber Compound Engineered To Run At Cooler Temperatures And Stay Flexible In The Cold. Outstanding Traction Due To An Oversized Footprint, Optimized For Maximum Road Contact.

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