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Klever A/T2 Kr628 All Terrain 245/70r17 114t Xl Light Truck Tire

Klever A/T2 Kr628 All Terrain 245/70r17 114t Xl Light Truck Tire

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Klever A/T2 Kr628 Is A Premium All-Terrain Tire Made For 4x4 Vehicles, Light Trucks, And Suvs. The Tire Built To Deliver A Smooth And Quiet Ride Without Sacrificing The Traction. It Has A Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3pmsf) Symbol, Meaning That It Can Perform Functions Of A Winter Tire And Has Been Approved For Severe Winter Usage. Klever A/T2 Kr628 Features Interlocking Tread Blocks That Offer Great Lateral Traction And Optimized For Impressive Off-Road Performance Without Sacrificing The On-Road Driving Capabilities. This Tire Has A Large Quantity Of Biting Edges That Provide An Aggressive Performance On All Types Of Terrains. The High Sipe Density Scattered Across The Whole Tread Offers Superior Snow And Ice Traction. The A-B Tread Pattern Minimizes The Road Noise While The Computer Optimized Footprint Designed To Provide Extended Mileage And Optimal Handling Even Under Heavy Load Conditions. The Upper Sidewall Is Sturdy And Aggressive And Designed To Protect The Tire Against Cuts, Chips, Tears, And Abrasion.

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