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Clerance Corner Kara

M5b Evo Soft Terrain Tire 110/80x18

M5b Evo Soft Terrain Tire 110/80x18

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Designed For Soft Loam And Muddy Tracks. The M5b Evo Rear Tires Are The Ideal Set-Up For Riding In The Mud Or Through Soft Sand. Their Self-Cleaning Treads Help Keep You Going In The Most Severe Conditions. The Outstanding Traction Of The M5b Also Makes It A Great Tire For Hill Climbs. The Front Tire Was Designed And Tested In Soft Loamy Situation To Bring The Perfect Balance To The Giant Knob M5bevo Rear Tire. Center Tread Includes An Extra Groove To Offer Outstanding Self-Cleaning Characteristics. High Center Knobs Penetrate Loose Dirt For Superior Traction While Offset Shoulder Knobs Maximize Control On The Turns.

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