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X Comp M/T Tires Lt295/70r17 128/125p

X Comp M/T Tires Lt295/70r17 128/125p

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X-Comp M/Tfeatures And Benefits All Weather Traction; All Terrain Traction; Self-Cleaning Tread Design; Enhanced Driving Durability; Longer Lasting Tread Life; Overviewthe X-Comp M/T Is A Mud Terrain, All Season Tire Manufactured For Light Truck Vehicles. The Tire Offers Excellent All Weather Traction. The M+S Rated Tire Increases The Tires Dry, Wet And Winter Weather Traction And Road Gripping Ability As The Tread Pattern And The Tougher Tire Compound Maintain Firm Grip On The Road Surface. The High Void Tread Pattern Increases The Water And Slush Dispersing Ability And The Tire Effectively Resist Hydroplaning Situations During The Drive. The High Void Ratio And The Open Shoulder Design Maintains A Clean Footprint By Eliminating Snow From Between The Tread Elements. This Ensures A Safer Year Round Driving Experience Both On And Off-Road. The Model Performs Well On Off-Road Surfaces. On Loose, Soft And Uneven Terrain, The Tire Finds Excellent Grip On The Surface. This Is Achieved With The Aggressive Pattern On The Tread And Shoulder That Extends Down To The Sidewalls. The Tread Design Is Combined With The Extra Tough Tire Compound That Resists Cuts And Chipping While Driving Off-Road. The Self-Cleaning Nature Of The Tread Design Maintains A Clean Footprint As It Ejects Rocks And Cleans Out Mud Stuck Between The Tread Elements. This Way, The Tire Keeps Its Superb Traction Constantly. The Tires Internal Structure Features A Three-Ply Polyester Sidewall And Two Steel And Two Nylon Belts. The Polyester Sidewall Enhances The Tires Durability And It Does Not Let The Tires Shape Deform Under The Driving Pressures Affecting The Tire In All Weather And Terrains. As The Tire Maintains Its Optimal Shape Under The Driving Pressure Affecting It, It Offers A Safer Driving Experience And Better Durability. The Steel And Nylon Belts Stabilize The Tread Area Against The Driving Pressure. This Prevents The Tread Elements From Shifting About During The Drive, Which Avoids Irregular Wear From Forming Across The Tread Area. A Longer Lasting Tread Life Is Guaranteed With A Constantly Evenly Worn Tread. The X-Comp M/T Offers First-Rate Controllability. The Optimal Tread Block Sequence Enhances The Tires Off-Road Surface Contact, Which Improves The Steering Responsiveness And The Driving Stability. The Steerings Response Time And Accuracy And The Structures Stability Are Upgraded With The Models Constant Road Contact, Which Ensures A Better Control Over The Vehicle In Various Weather Conditions. The S

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