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Clerance Corner Kara

Dh2 225/60r18 Xl Performance Tire

Dh2 225/60r18 Xl Performance Tire

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Dh2 - The Dh2 Is A Performance And High Performance, All Season Tire, That Has Some Touring Sizes As Well, Manufactured For Passenger Vehicles And Suvs. The Tread Pattern And The All Weather Compound Improve The All Season Traction And Actively Prevent Hydroplaning. The Wear-Resistant Compound And Shoulder Design Lengthens The Tread Life. The Constant Road Contact And Higher Number Of Biting Edges Increase The Models Controllability And Cornering Capability. The Dh2 Lowers The Road Noise Generated While The Tires Are In Motion. Features All Season Tire The Five-Pitch Tread Design And The All Season Tire Compound Increase The Dry, Wet And Winter Weather Road Gripping Ability. Hydroplaning The Circumferential And Smaller Lateral Grooves Prevent Hydroplaning By Eliminating Water And Slush From The Footprint. Longer Tread Life The Wear-Resistant Shoulder Design And Durable Compound Prevent Uneven Tread Wear, Lengthening The Tread Life And Usability. Quiet Tire The Closed Shoulder Tread Pattern Prevents Road Noise From Generating As The Airwaves Cannot Enter The Tires Footprint. Handling The Asymmetric Treads Center Rib Keeps Its Road Contact, Which Boosts The Driving Stability And The Steering Responsiveness. Cornering Ability The Shoulder Tread Block Pattern Upgrades The Cornering Ability And Power With Additional Biting Edges That Firmly Grip The Road.

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