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Clerance Corner Kara

Dc88 At 275/65r20 E (10 Ply) All Terrain Tire

Dc88 At 275/65r20 E (10 Ply) All Terrain Tire

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Attention! For Example, You Can Receive 3 Tires In One Day And The 4th One The Next Day Or The Day After, Or One Tire In One Day And The Second One Day After. Features And Benefits: Various Terrain Traction; Upgraded Controllability; Improved Damage Resistance; Year-Round Traction; Dc88 At Tiresthe Dc88 At Is An All Terrain, All Season Tire Manufactured For Light Trucks And Suvs. The Aggressive Tread Design And The Special Silica Compound Upgrade The Tires Performance On All Terrain Surfaces. The Large Tread Elements Enhance The Tires Forward Motion On Soft, Loose, And Uneven Terrains. The Optimized Elements Firmly Grip The Surface With Extra Biting Edges. As A Result, The Tire Can Safely Perform Both On- And Off-Road. Also, The Self-Cleaning Ability Helps The Tire Keep The Footprint Clean, By Eliminating Mud, Snow, And Rocks Stuck Between The Tread Elements. The Model Offers Excellent Controllability. The Aggressive Tread Design And The Special Silica Compound Maintain Consistent Contact With Driving Surfaces. It Improves Steering Responsiveness And Driving Stability. The Steering Response Time Is Faster And More Accurate To The Drivers Commands, While The Structure Is Secured Against Driving Pressure. Great Cornering And Maneuvering Are Upgraded, Thanks To The Wide Shoulder Blocks And Their Constant Surface Contact. These Elements Give The Driver Full Control Over The Vehicle And Guarantee A Safe Driving Experience. Perfect Year-Round Traction Is Promoted With This Tread Pattern And The All Season Compound, They Manage To Easily Handle Dry, Wet, And Winter Conditions. In This Manner, The Tread Pattern Maintains Close Road And Terrain Contact In Different Conditions, While The All Season Compound Keeps The Rubber Flexible In Warm And Cold Temperatures. As A Result, This Combination Provides A Safe All Weather Performance. The Dc88 At Boosts Its Load And Driving Durability. The Strengthened Internal Structure And The Special Silica Compound Keep The Optimal Tire Shape Under Load And Driving Pressure. On The Other Hand, The Durable Rubber Compound Protects The Tire Against External Damage, Suc

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