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Clerance Corner Kara

Mud Kicker Lt 35x12.50r20 Load F 12 Ply Mt M/T Mud Tire

Mud Kicker Lt 35x12.50r20 Load F 12 Ply Mt M/T Mud Tire

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Cosmo Mud Kicker - The Cosmo Mud Kicker Is A Mud Terrain, All Season Tire Manufactured For Light Trucks. The Tire Offers A Phenomenal Tread Life Thanks To Its Strong Compound And Self-Cleaning Tread Design. They Prevent Irregular Wear And Protect The Tire From Damage, Boosting Its Usability. It Comes With Reinforced Structural Materials That Greatly Improve Its Load Durability. The Tire Is Able To Perform Well In Heavy-Duty Applications As A Result. The Aggressive Tread, With High Void Ratio And Staggered Blocks, Conquers Various Terrain Surfaces With Ease In Order To Maintain A Constant Forward Motion All The Time. This Makes The Mud Kicker A Perfect Off-Road Tire Model Features Durability The Strengthened Structural Materials Keep The Tire In Its Optimal Shape And Allow It To Carry Larger Loads. Traction The Tire Conquers Versatile Terrains And Maintains A Constant Forward Motion Even In Deep Mud And Loose Dirt. Tread Life The Durable Compound Materials And Robust Tread Work Together To Provide A Longer Lasting Tread Life.

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