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Clerance Corner Kara

Procontact Rx Tire 255/45r19 100h

Procontact Rx Tire 255/45r19 100h

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Designed For Use On Coupes And Luxury Performance Sedans, The Procontact Rx From Is An All-Season Tire That Offers Drivers Better Braking And Traction Performance In Dry And Wet Weather Conditions Plus A Quiet, Comfortable Ride. The Grand Touring All-Season Procontact Rx Tires Are Engineered To Blend Comfort With Performance. Their Ribbed Tread Pattern And Robust Construction Ensure Optimal Surface Contact For Exceptional Traction. The Tread Design Also Minimizes Rolling Resistance For Better Fuel Economy. Multiple Sipes Prevent Uneven Tread Wear And Improve Surface Grip For Better Acceleration And Shorter Braking Distances. The Circumferential Grooves Expel Water To Prevent Aquaplaning And Improve Wet Traction.

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