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Clerance Corner Kara

Turanza Ls100 255/45r19 Xl 14416 Tire

Turanza Ls100 255/45r19 Xl 14416 Tire

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The Turanza Ls100 Tire Is A Premium All-Season Touring Tire Designed For Drivers Of Luxury Sedans And Coupes Who Prioritize A Comfortable And Quiet Ride. The Tire Features An Advanced Tread Compound And Symmetric Tread Design, Which Provides Excellent Handling On Both Wet And Dry Roads. The Circumferential Grooves Around The Tire Increase Hydroplaning Resistance And Improve Wet Traction. The Ls100 Tire Has A Continuous Center Rib That Provides Stability And Precision Steering Response. It Also Has Optimized Shoulder Block Stiffness That Enhances Dry Handling, Wear Resistance, And Tread Life. Moreover, The Tires Casing Has Been Engineered With An Advanced Construction That Lowers Rolling Resistance, Which Ultimately Enhances Fuel Efficiency And Reduces Carbon Emissions. Additionally, The Design Of The Turanza Ls100 Tire Reduces Noise By Utilizing s 3d Sipes Technology That Offers A Quiet And Comfortable Ride. Overall, The Turanza Ls100 Tire Provides Excellent Driving Comfort, Reliable Traction In Any Weather Condition, And Long-Lasting Tread Life.

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